When the Daewar race expanded into the Eastern Fringe, they discovered many worlds long since abandoned by the Imperium. Upon several of these frontier worlds lived a new variety of stable human mutation, a creature seemingly a cross between human and rodent. Further contact has revealed a cunning race, who worship a lesser Chaos god, known to them only as the Horned One. The Daewar named them the Vermin, on account of the similarity to the vermin of old Terra.


Pack Mentality: For every five models after the first five in a Vermin pack the pack receives +1 Ld (to a maximum of Leadership 10, and rounding fractions up). This is summarised by the following table:

# in pack Bonus
0-5 0
6-10 +1
11-15 +2
16-20 +3
21-25 +4
26+ +5

Fleet of Foot: In the shooting phase you may declare that a Vermin unit is going to run instead of shoot. Roll a D6 - the score is the distance in inches the models in the unit may move in that shooting phase. This move is not affected by difficult terrain.

The following models may not run: Verminlord; Banes; vehicles; any heavy weapon team or pack accompanied by a heavy weapon team.

Sacred Number of the Horned Rat: Any pack with the option to take a Myrmidon and consisting of exactly 13 models may upgrade one of their number to a Myrmidon at no additional cost. The Myrmidon is exactly as described in the Elites section.

Strategy: Vermin Forces have a Strategy Rating of 1D6, and a Vehicle Leadership Value of 7 for campaign use. For missions involving Sentries, Vermin Forces use 10 Vermin (Initiative 4).

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